We are super excited to have a new client joining Dewberry Pr.
We welcome Sara C and her wonderful prints and designs.

Watch out for her beautiful natured fuelled prints in up and coming campaigns and summer looks.


Many fashion labels begin with a grand vision, a childhood dream, a dramatic thunderbolt of inspiration.
Sara C started with a slightly rusty campervan called Able Mabel.

Sara Cohen was a London-based advertising exec and photographer who needed a break from the big city. So she spent seven weeks travelling around England in the family campervan – in the middle of winter. She was often the only person walking on the beach, hiking up the hills, sheltering beneath open skies in remote campsites.

And in that time, she discovered another, untouched England. An empty, uniquely picturesque country where nature tells millions of tiny, perfect stories.

Sara photographed and drew what she saw, and the result is her debut collection: Nature’s Edge.

Reflecting the wild beauty of England, Australia and Mexico, graphic natural shapes are infused with bright washes of colour. These unique prints are at the very heart of the Sara C brand. 

Inspired by and respectful of the environment, each garment is individually handmade in Britain using eco-friendly processes and fabrics.